Doctor Who: 8 Things We Know About The Next Three Episodes

Info about the Doctor's adventures on the moon, the Orient Express, and... Shoreditch.

Warning: This article will contain spoilers for episodes that have not yet been broadcast. We€™re now nearly halfway into Series 8 of Doctor Who and things are about to change. As of the coming Saturday, Doctor Who gets a new later timeslot and The Caretaker looks to be the last light episode we€™ll get for a while; with a trio of particularly bleak episodes following in its wake and then just one more episode before the Cybermen descend for the finale. And while footage from the second half of Series 8 has been all but non-existent, the BBC has still been cranking up its publicity machine; including previews of Time Heist, The Caretaker, Kill The Moon, and Mummy On The Orient Express in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine along with interviews with Kill The Moon€™s writer Peter Harness and comedian Frank Skinner who will guest star in Mummy On The Orient Express. And while nothing huge has been given away (the BBC would have serious problems if that ended up happening again), the Doctor Who Magazine preview and some other sources have churned out quite a few interesting little titbits to get us fired up for the next few episodes. Though hopefully it won€™t be a repeat of Listen where the hype proved to be the episode€™s downfall. So here€™s your final spoiler warning as we get stuck into what we know about Episodes 6, 7, and 8...

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