Gotham Season 5: 6 Major Questions We Have After Trespassers

What does Selina's transformation mean?


Contains spoilers from Gotham Season 5, Episode 2.

Gotham returned to screens last week with a spectacular premiere episode. Entitled Year Zero, the instalment laid the groundwork for much of the final season's narrative, and ultimately delivered in every possible way. It did leave viewers with plenty of questions, but this week's episode, Trespassers, set out to resolve many of them.

After the fourth season's finale saw the city crumble, Year Zero explored the fallout of the incident, checking in with the majority of the series' protagonists. Trespassers deviated from this a little, in that it focused more exclusively on Jim Gordon, and the rescue mission he initiated to save a group of youngsters, all of whom had become slaves to the villainous Soothsayers.

It was a much slower instalment of the Fox series this week, and quite a few of the main characters were noticeably absent. However, in spite of the plot-of-the-week nature of this episode, it has left us with quite a few questions going forward - some of which we hope will be clarified in future instalments of Gotham's final season.

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