Star Trek: 10 Biggest WTF Moments

7. Sections 10 Through 53 On Deck 5 Are Gone

vviuStar Trek Voyager is my least favourite Star Trek series but it had two things going for it. 1) The best title sequence of al the series and 2) some big, ballsy moments. What I felt a lot of Voyager lacked was the emotional wallop that makes up truly great WTF moments. If I had 20 or 30 moments to discuss I could mention Voyager crashing into the Ice in Timeless or 15 Borg Cubes appearing in Scorpion part 1, but for me the one moment that really left me open mouthed was a scene from the excellent Year Of Hell. Up to this point, the first episode in this two-parter had played out like good (but slightly weaker) Yesterday€™s Enterprise. Until the moment that the Doctor has seal the hatch on two hapless crewmembers, sending them to their deaths as an entire deck of Voyager is blown apart following a battle with the Krenim. This is a deadly turning point in the story. Voyager never recovers from this attack. Whole sections of the vessel are lost to the point when the crew if forced to abandon the ship. Tuvok is blinded. Janeway is forced into a suicide run, ramming her ship into the Krenim to rewrite history. One hopeless incident after another. But it all stems from that attack and a moment I knew this story was going to get really interesting€ On a side note, I haven€™t included any Star Trek Enterprise moments here. I think there is some really great stuff in the final two series (last episode aside!) and for me the best WTF was the devastating attack on the Enterprise in the closing moments of €˜Azati Prime€™. I just think Voyager had the edge on this one€
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