The Simpsons Season 29: 10 Excellent Things You Need To Know

10. The Simpsons Head To The Big Easy


Bleeding Gums Murphy would be proud to know that the sax-playing saddest kid in grade number two is returning to her musical roots. Jazz lover Lisa will be in paradise when the family streams into the French Quarter in season twenty-nine.

Simpsons Movie director David Silverman shared that he's writing a story that sends the unruly clan to New Orleans for Jazzfest. New Orleans has been mentioned in previous episodes, particularly in a less than glorious song in A Streetcar Named Marge. The city also appears in a hilarious spin-off with Chief Wiggum as a private investigator trying to find son Ralph. However, Silverman's treatment of the locale should be a lot more personal and sincere for the four-fingered musician.

Committed fans remember the history of Lisa's instrument. Her parents purchased the sax to encourage her creativity since they couldn't send her to a gifted school. It will be refreshing to watch the show delve into Lisa's musical aspirations again, as it's seemed to be pushed aside in recent years. While Lisa's other hobbies made her a complex character, her love for jazz resulted in many heartfelt scenes in earlier episodes.

Though the Simpsons will no doubt play around in the land of Mardi Gras, Lisa's next step on her artistic journey could strike the right serious chord.

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