Young Justice Outsiders Trailer Reactions: 4 Ups & 1 Down


1. No Wally West In The Present

Young Justice Outsiders Wally West

Wally West was one of the founding members of the team, and played a major role in the show's first two seasons. However, he suffered an unfortunate fate when he literally faded from existence as he helped The Flash and Impulse save the world. As this took place in the Season 2 finale, and the show was abruptly cancelled, we never got to see how this would be resolved and if Wally would ever return.

The Young Justice Outsiders trailer suggests that while Wally's presence continues to influence the characters (more on that later), Kid Flash is still presumably dead. Of course, this is just a short trailer which only gives us a glimpse of what to expect, so Wally could return at some point during the season. It may be selfish of us to want this immediate gratification, but you can't really call it "immediate" after we waited eight whole years to see the return of Young Justice. Let's just hope that the show inevitably gives us what the trailer couldn't: The return of Wally West.


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