10 Awesome (But Short-Lived) WWE Theme Songs

10. Evolve (Evolution)

Before they used their now-iconic theme by Motörhead, Evolution used what was basically an instrumental version of the same song in a lower key. And frankly, it kicks almost as much a** as the Lemmy version.

In general, this is a near-perfect symphony to accompany a stable fronted by Triple H, often regarded as one of WWE's most detestable heels of all time. It's one of those rare cases where the song fits everyone in the stable like a glove - it has the slow, swaggering nature of Ric Flair, the confidence of a young Randy Orton, and the imposing heaviness of Batista. But there is something rather satisfying about this key in particular; the darker, deeper tones evoke heightened feelings of disdain for the villainous foursome. When this song rings through the arena, it leaves no doubt in the fans' minds that some bad, bad dudes are about to make their collective way to the ring.

Of course, this version of their theme was akin to a free trial one uses before the more improved final version, but it's still quite good nonetheless.

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