10 Best WWE Hell In A Cell Matches EVER - According To Dave Meltzer

Cage Of Enlightenment

Batista Triple H

Bastardised conclusively by the annual pay-per-view event that bears its name, the Hell In A Cell match was once the logical extension to the cage match when only the most fearsome environment could contain a rivalry. Introduced with a match you'll read about at the top end of this list, it now stands merely as a monument to be trotted out when the calendar requires it, rather than conflict.

Truthfully, it's just another sad reality of the more-is-always-more content-heavy WWE of 2017. Superserving audiences almost to a fault, the persistent use of the gimmick over the past decade particularly has done more harm than good, as evidenced by some of the quality contests on display long before the battleground became little more than a forced fixture.

WWE don't always satisfy Wrestling Observer overlord Dave Meltzer, but Hell In A Cell matches maintained an astonishingly consistent level of quality before the concept became an overloaded means to an end instead of the 'Devil's Playground' it always should have remained.

Guts, glory, gore and gratuity are in high supply, with a rich history of heroics and hedonism from the match that once upon a time promised heaven as well as hell.

(NOTE: In the event of a tied rating, the most recent match gets preferential treatment. Wrestling evolves at a breakneck pace, and any older contest outperforming a contemporary equivalent is deserving of the elevated status)


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