10 Classic Jeff Jarrett Matches You Need To See

Ain't He Great?!


An objectively good wrestler will make a Monday Night Raw in-ring return against all odds this week, but lukewarm takes on his in-ring skill probably won't enter the promotion of his battle with Elias

Like Jim Cornette, Alundra Blayze, Ultimate Warrior and other former pariahs that unexpectedly spoke on WWE's Hall Of Fame stage in recent years, Jeff's mere presence on the card will be the ultimate pre-show talking point. In 2018, 'Double J' went into the Hall primarily to sell tickets to curious punters keen to have a live experience of the latest unlikely WWE return. After breaking those million guitars, he finally drew a dime. Post-SuperBowl, can his match against a fellow guitar-swinger draw a rating?

An underrated performer on his day and one over-criticised for his faults, Jarrett's goalposts were admittedly always moved due to his familial and political links, but the art of the art-form was in more than just his genetics and silver tongue. A deserving Intercontinental Champion, and a safe - if unremarkable - slot-filler in main events, Jeff could go even when the aforementioned advantages meant he didn't really have to.


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