10 Mae Young Classic Wrestlers WWE Must Sign

10. Tessa Blanchard

WCPW/Oli Sandler @The Ringside Perspective

Just like Kay Lee Ray, Tessa Blanchard was eliminated from the Mae Young Classic entirely too early. Sure, tournament favourite Kairi Sane had to advance, but the company could have just booked her and Blanchard against different opponents to avoid this problem.

Their bout was one of the first round's biggest highlights, and while Sane stole the show, Tessa looked as good as she ever has. She worked heel throughout, generating a great deal of sympathy for her superstar opponent, but had plenty of time to shine throughout the back-and-forth affair, particularly during the fast-paced closing stretch.

She's only 22 years old, but Blanchard has been used by WWE multiple times in the past. She played squash match fodder for Carmella, Nia Jax, and Alexa Bliss in 2016, and her participation in the MYC shows that she hasn't left WWE's radar, despite her lack of recent usage. Sure, she's still a work in progress, but her youth, well-rounded skills, and flashy moveset mean she's a white-hot prospect, and the fact that she's WWE Hall of Famer Tully Banchard's daughter probably doesn't hurt either, given the company's love of 2nd and 3rd generation athletes.


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