10 Moments When TNA Was The Hottest Wrestling Company In The World

Total Nonstop Awesome.


And just like that, it was gone.

In a moment so intrinsically congruent with the troubled brand, TNA/Impact Wrestling literally ceased to be during a show dedicated to celebrating 15 years of its existence.

Jeff Jarrett stood centre-ring with Unified World Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron at the conclusion of the broadcast, marking his territory in the Impact Zone yet again, as the company prepared to morph wholesale into Global Force Wrestling, the quasi-independent company he formed with his wife Karen in 2014.

As it had turned out, a prior purchase of GFW by TNA's parent company Anthem Entertainment was not to swallow the ill-established brand but to in fact repurpose the struggling Orlando outfit.

It's a remarkable return to prominence for Jarrett himself within the group, but also draws a line under five years of marketplace confusion following a mishandled attempt to shift the company from TNA to Impact Wrestling. 'Impact' will remain, but strictly as Global's television show, as it has been for TNA since 2004.

Though Double J remains the connective tissue between old and new, the rebrand conclusively lays TNA to rest, a decade and a half on from when most thought it would perish.

Though often deservedly pilloried, the company did in that time manage to capture the imagination of the wider wrestling audience, and as insane as it sounds today, even look like credible competition for Vince McMahon's WWE. So let's head to the back with JB and see what all that commotion was about.


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