10 Reasons Batista Is So Unhappy With WWE

Dave Batista is reportedly 'unhappy' in WWE right now. The superstar is set to leave the company earlier than originally planned and even if he does end up staying he isn't going to be too happy with what WWE have in mind for him (a losing effort to Daniel Bryan at Payback you would expect). Vince McMahon still hopes 'The Animal' will face Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title at Payback, but after Extreme Rules, it looks as if the contingency plan of Bryan vs Kane is firmly in place for the June PPV. That's probably why Batista got pinned clean by Reigns at Extreme Rules, WWE knows the star's mind is made up. Batista has resisted the Payback deal in preference of leaving earlier than originally scheduled to start work on promoting his new film 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' In truth, his decision to leave now has nothing to do with the film, it is more to do with the fact he is unhappy in WWE. There are several reasons for his displeasure. What should have been a fun 2014 comeback has so far been a real disaster for the headline star. This isn't the first time we have seen controversy in the relationship between WWE and Dave Batista, it won't be the first time he has left the company over not seeing eye to eye with the company. His 2010 departure was indicative of this, he left the company bitterly unhappy with the direction of PG content. This led to the star sounding off for months afterwards about the problems with WWE creative. Let's take a look at what has made Batista so unhappy this time around...
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