10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About WrestleMania 35

Risqué rap lines, near-death experiences, botches galore and sad endings...

John Cena Elias

Another WrestleMania money-spinner is in the record books for WWE, and it'll surely be remembered for Becky Lynch's main event double title win, Kofi Kingston surprising the world by becoming WWE Champion and Brock Lesnar doing the J.O.B for Seth Rollins in the main card's opener.

Y'know what else it'll be remembered for? Botches, missing security, comments that don't fit into WWE's PG guidelines and skepticism over just how many people turned up at MetLife Stadium.

'Mania 35 was a vast improvement on last year's effort, no doubt, and yet pleasing an increasingly hard-to-satisfy audience (especially the more vocal members on social media) has become tantamount to torture for WWE. So, in the spirit of playing rogue, join us as we explore all the things Vince McMahon and company would want you to forget from the biggest weekend of 2019.

Here, you'll see that one-man cavalcade of controversy Hulk Hogan doing what Hulk Hogan does, wrestlers unfortunately forgetting how the ropes work, others almost braining their peers and one man talking about another's bush.

All together now: "This Is Wrestling"...


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