10 Wild Outside Bets To Win WWE 2019 Women's Royal Rumble

A Goddess, a Queen, and an Empress walk into a ring...


The relative infancy of the Women's Royal Rumble and with it the freshness of the field means that just about everybody has a shot of glory. Even a repeat of the first winner would sit well with a majority of fans, given how terribly they want her to succeed - and how terribly WWE prevented her from doing so.

Except pretty much everybody is unanimous in the opinion that come WrestleMania, some variation on the theme of Ronda Rousey/Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair will, if not headline the show, at least be promoted as a dual main-event.

Which has got pretty much everybody unanimous in the opinion that one of three will definitely win the second over-the-top skirmish.

It's possible, and given WWE's regression to the obvious, highly probable. But it's not necessary. Whatever the configuration, the inevitable showdown between any two of the three women is already pre-loaded with requisite gravitas; a Royal Rumble victory would be overkill more than icing.

Besides which, a second meeting (or in Becky's case, a second attempt at a meeting) won't be champion vs. champion. Which means there's a second belt to tilt at - and a whole slew of possible candidates readying their lances.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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