10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (July 14)

10. Paul Heyman Told Jazz Never To Get A Boob Job

Jazz wwe

"Don't get your boobs done, Jazz."

That's paraphrasing, but according to Jazz herself in an interview with Noonan Speaks, those were (pretty much) the words of Paul Heyman back in the original ECW days. Heyman loved the idea of Jazz standing out from other women in an era when silicone was the norm for female workers.

Part of his vision for Jazz was that she'd work with men, show off her unique strengths as an independent woman and turn the eye candy aspect of females in the industry upside down. Her catchphrase, due to Heyman's influence, became, "My T&A doesn't stand for t*ts and ass, my T&A stands for talent and ability."

It was a genius move, and it's one Jazz believes helped her gain credibility with fans and eventually land a tryout with WWE when ECW went under. That logic is hard to argue with. Heyman, as he often would, accentuated Jazz's natural assets without encouraging her to cosmetically enhance them.

What a guy.

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