12 Most Shocking WWE SummerSlam Moments Of All Time

12. Elizabeth Tears Her Dress

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Looking back, Miss Elizabeth's crucial distraction in the main event of SummerSlam 1988 isn't all that shocking. We've since lived through years of over-sexualised women in wrestling, from bra & panties matches to the infamous and derisive 'HLA' Raw segments.

Thankfully those days look to be in the past, but before all that, Miss Elizabeth's rather mild de-robing was the first time WWF fans had seen anything of the sort.

The sight of the (usually demure) Elizabeth tearing off the lower half of her dress completely distracted 'The Mega Bucks' (Ted DiBiase and Andre The Giant), as well as corrupt referee Jesse Ventura. Savage and Hogan subsequently won the match, and Elizabeth took a step towards cementing her legacy as one of the most iconic managers of all-time.

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