20 Greatest TNA Matches Ever

Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe deserve praise for trying something different at LockDown 2008...


Much-maligned since forming in 2002, TNA has often struggled to convince wrestling fans that the company is a viable alternative to WWE. These days, the promotion is more commonly referred to as Impact Wrestling, but even that change has most sitting on the fence. That's a shame, because TNA have presented a laundry list of incredible matches over the years.

Legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross once said on his podcast that TNA could do with a complete rebranding, something new to freshen up the old, largely tarnished formula. Yet, when analysing TNA history it becomes clear that the organisation hasn't always been as flawed as some would make out.

Supreme in-ring athletes like Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy have contested some of the best bouts of the past 15 years. TNA may many much-discussed have negatives, but the positives deserve to be explored too.

If there's one thing these 20 matches prove, it's that TNA has been capable of producing in-ring magic in its fourteen-year history. There's even a very recent example to show that the company is still very much alive and kicking, at least from an in-ring perspective.

Let's look at 20 of the greatest TNA matches ever...


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