8 Storylines Lucha Underground Needs To Resolve In Season 4

8. Sexy Star And The Spiders


*minor spoiler alert, if you care about Sexy Star storylines*

After her short run with the Lucha Underground championship, Sexy Star was tormented with spiders. Tucked in her locker, delivered to her in gift boxes... these monstrous arachnids were seemingly everywhere. After dispatching her long-time nemesis Taya at Ultima Lucha Tres, a vignette revealed that Sexy Star had not, in fact, vanquished whoever was sending her these spiders.

Although many viewers are less invested in Sexy Star as a babyface heroine after her attack on Rosemary at Triplemania XXV (along with her disastrous PR campaign that followed), it would be a waste if this storyline wasn't resolved. And given that the current Wikipedia listing of LU's roster features a character called Black Widow, it's likely this storyline will continue in Season 4.


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