All 32 Wrestlers In WWE's Mae Young Classic - Ranked

Round Of 32...

32. Vanessa Kraven

Vanessa Kraven

Vanessa Kraven is what is known, medically speaking, as a big person. 6 foot 2 inches, in fact, and goes by the very causal nickname of “The Mountain”. She’s from the same wrestling school as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, but expect her to play the first round monster role to let someone else make a name for themselves.

31. Rachel Evers

Rachel Evers

You’ll all remember Rachel Evers from last year's competition, where she went out in the second round to Abbey Laith. She’s still considered Paul Ellering’s protege but given the increased quality of the field this year we’re not expecting her to improve on 2017's performance.

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