WWE: 13 Most Horribly Offensive Gimmicks Wrestlers Ever Took On

13. Eugene And His Learning Difficulties

The Eugene character, who was played by Nick Dinsmore was introduced as Eric Bischoff's secret relative that he was ashamed of (not to be confused with his son Garrett). The character was established as having some kind of learning difficulties, although the WWE wisely chose to never label Eugene as having any specific condition. His first storyline saw Eugene attempt to earn a spot on the WWE roster, much to Eric's dismay. Even though the WWE presented this as an underdog story with the special needs Eugene eventually being triumphant, the angle still received criticism. Happy ending or not, the WWE was still giving the message that Eugene's family was ashamed of him and that he wasn't accepted alongside the other wrestlers because of his special needs. Eugene was a success for some time however, although it would only be a matter of time before the audiences affection for the character began to wane. Eventually Eugene would get boos for his schtick of using the people's elbow and the Stone Cold Stunner. This feature of the character also certainly didn't coincide with the WWE's 'Dont try this at home, school or anywhere' campaign as Eugene was blatantly only using the famous finishers as he was imitating what were supposed to be the moves of his WWE heroes.

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