WWE: 13 Most Horribly Offensive Gimmicks Wrestlers Ever Took On

Child abductors? Terrorists? Racism? Mocking the mentally ill? Wrestling's been there, done that, and offended everyone in the process.

Love him or hate him, Eric Bischoff was right when he named his autobiography; Controversy Creates Cash. It certainly does, and the pro wrestling world has always been a controversial business. In the fight for ratings, publicity and attendance pro wrestling promoters will do just about anything to get fans and the media talking about their product. This has meant that over the years we have been witness to all manner of storylines and shocking gimmicks. In recent times the WWE has made significant progress in it's political correctness. With advertising partners and television networks putting pressure on the WWE the politically incorrect height of the Attitude era is becoming an ever more distant memory. Of course Linda McMahon's political ambitions were also a huge contributing factor in the WWE's newfound political correctness, but despite her lack of success in this area, the WWE doesn't appear to be heading back to the days of gimp masks and Katie Vick. Just last year Darren Young became the first ever openly gay WWE Superstar. The fact that the WWE haven't mocked Darren Young or exploited this in any way is a positive sign of the changing times. The past however cannot be unwritten, and over the next few pages we'll take a look at some of the most misguided, poor taste and down right offensive gimmicks the wrestling world has ever produced.

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