10 Best Static Shock Episodes

Looking at the best tales from Dwayne McDuffie's classic cartoon.

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Every generation can point to a name or names that helped to build their perception of media and how they engage with it. Gen-Xers have Spielberg, George Lucas, and the creative team at Filmation, for example. Meanwhile children of the early 2000's have Paul Dini, Gennedy Tartakovsky, Stephen Hillenberg, and of course, Dwayne McDuffie.

One of the founding fathers of the DC Animated Universe we all know and love, this late great animation legend made some of the best cartoon entertainment on television with his brilliant character writing, crackling dialogue, and engaging stories.

And none better encapsulate all three better than his pet project, Static Shock.

Originally a character for Milestone comics, created by McDuffie himself, Static was absorbed into the DC canon along with the rest of Milestone. His cartoon series wasn't as dark or violent as the comic, but it retained its great characters, fun stories, and bombastic heroics.

This is a celebration of that work, a showcase of its best episodes. It managed to put a shock to each viewer's system for years until its cancellation, and even after, with Static appearing in Justice League too.


Here, though, are the best episodes from his own series...


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