10 Comic Book Adaptations That Messed Up Iconic Stories

The death of A Death In The Family...

Warner Bros.

Some comic book adaptations are criticised for straying too far from the source material. Others, albiet more rarely, are scrutinised for sticking to it too closely. But then there's the adaptations who follow the wrong source material all together!

This more often than not results in a mediocre movie or season of television that fails to live up to its true potential. There are exceptions however, as some defy the odds and still go on to become box office and critical successes, though that's not always enough to silence vocal comic book die hards.

Which comic book movie or series could have been so much better if those behind it just chose to pick up a different graphic novel to extrapolate their inspiration from? Arguably, few of the Marvel and DC heavy hitters have been safe from misguided comic book based story lines, be it Batman, Spider-Man or the X-Men. Lower tiered super heroes have also suffered, including the likes of Green Arrow and Daredevil, proving no masked vigilante is safe from villainous writers and directors!

Somewhere out there in the multi-verse, perhaps the relevant stories were chosen and all these comic book films and shows were a success, but as for this reality, this is what we're stuck with...


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