10 Comic Book Characters That Need The Brightburn Treatment

Which other heroes need the horror movie treatment?

Marvel Comics

Brightburn recently released to lukewarm reviews, but it has potential to be a bit of a cult classic in the future, and it has one of the best pitches for a horror movie in ages: Superman, but evil.

The merits and failures of the movie can be discussed at another time, but it's difficult to argue that the film didn't boast an interesting premise. Regardless of the outcome, Evil Superman has a lot of potential.

Yes, Superman has broken bad before, and we’ve had Ultraman, but not like this. This isn’t him becoming a bad guy, this is him becoming a horror movie monster, with the horror cranked up to the maximum.

A lot of other superheroes have gone bad before, but again, not like this. Well, what if they did?

These superheroes could all benefit from having their origin story warped into creepy, horror movie version of itself. With their intense power and imposing presence, the fear factor is already there, they typically just scare the baddies.

There’s a couple of villains in there too, but only ones who typically avoid horror themes but could make great movies if they leaned into them hard.


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