10 Comic Book Movies That Changed Characters For The Better

9. Red Mist - Kick-Ass

Spider-Man 2 Doctor Octopus
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If you thought that Dave Lizewski barely had a grasp on being a super-hero, wait until you get a load of this guy.

Red Mist (later known as the M*ther-F***er) of the Kick-Ass comics is a spoiled sadist, whose numerous crimes include the killing of Dave's father, sexual assault and the decapitation and head-swapping of a superhero and his dog, all in the name of becoming the world's first supervillain to combat Kick-Ass. All in all, he's kind of the worst.

So, when it came to adapting this source material for the movie, Matthew Vaughn and co wisely decided to tone these crimes down, in order to fit the more likeable new direction that Christopher Mintz-Plasse was bringing to the role. Going with a more "Edgy kid out of his depth" vibe rather than the new age Clockwork Orange characterisation of the source material allowed the character to have a more believable parallel with Kick-Ass himself.

The sequel even allowed the character to poke fun at his comic book counterpart, with his refusal to kill Colonel Stars and Stripes dog and simply paying criminals out of laziness being much more in line with the film.


Psychologist and writer by day. Octopus themed super villain by night.