10 DC Characters Who NEED Their Own Movie

10. Starfire

DC Comics

The Tamaranean hero has already gathered some fans outside of her comic, featuring in Teen Titans and recently starring in the live action show Titans, played by Anna Diop.

She was designed by comic book legend George Perez as a sort of ‘Red Sonja in Space’, but despite living up to that wonderful premise and adding plenty more besides, it feels like there’s a glass ceiling above her.

She’s fairly universally known amongst comic book fans, but has almost zero name brand recognition with the general public. While this can seem like a negative, after featuring so many heroes in Arrowverse shows and Justice League, DC are running dry and massively recognisable figures to push in a major project.

Starfire’s not so unknown that her movie would raise eyebrows, but isn’t so established in pop culture that every little detail of her is going to be pulled apart.

Her superhuman strength, speed and endurance make for a great hero, while her solar energy and long-running rivalry with her sister gives her depth to build a narrative around.

Setting the entire movie in space rather than worrying about ties to Earth could establish her without worrying too much about DCEU continuity too.


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