10 Great Superman Stories That Could Save The DCEU

You can always count on Big Blue to save the day..

Warner Bros.

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has had a tumultuous time in the cinematic landscape, with its initial approach in creating an MCU-style interconnected universe yielding extremely mixed results in the seven years it has been around.

The franchise's primary mistakes include adopting a downbeat and somber tone that did not mesh well with the characters' sensibilities. In attempts to correct this, it actively undermined its initial endgame and ignored its admittedly sizeable fanbase.

Arguably the character most affected by the DCEU's radical change is Superman. The Man of Steel has a solid actor in Henry Cavill but he and the character are undermined by a dour tone, character development that was all over the place, and a lack of the hopeful, reassuring spirit that made Superman DC's flagship character for decades.

This mishandling of the character has led to three lacklustre films with Supes as the focal point, that just didn't live up to expectations, building an uncertain future for the Man of Tomorrow. However, hope still prevails, as the film iteration of the hero can be brought back from oblivion by adapting some of his most iconic comic stories.


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