10 Iconic Batman Comics That Could Inspire Matt Reeves' Batman Trilogy

Which Batman arcs will the upcoming movies adapt?

DC Comics / Tim Sale

As Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman reboot continues to gain hype, a lot of the questions swirling around have been focusing on what kind of story to expect. Given the already start-studded cast, it’s safe to WB have something big in stored for their most carefully preserved character’s next outing on the Big Screen.

Robert Pattinson himself dropped some big clues when he suggested his Batman debut would see the Caped Crusader entangled in a detective story. This would seem like a nod in the direction of the classic Golden Age Batman stories. Although subsequent rumours have also mentioned more recent comic book arcs being potentially in the storyline mix.

But with over half a century of publishing history and some of the most legendary comic book ever creators being part of it, there is a plethora of source material that could potentially be adapted.

It’s also worth noting given how DC Studios handled some of their other projects, we shouldn’t be surprised to see the movie’s plot being amalgamation of several comic book arcs, perhaps from different eras.

Enough hanging in the shadows, it’s now time to swing straight into the heart of the matter. These are just some of the iconic comics that could potentially inspire Matt Reeves’ Batman trilogy.

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