10 Lesser Known Comics That NEED To Be Movies

Step aside Spidey, it's time for Invincible and Static's time to shine on the big screen.

Image Comics

We are in the golden age of comic book movie adaptations. The MCU and to a certain extent the DCEU have made comics essential reads for all movie studio executives.

It is not just Marvel and DC that are reaping the rewards. Many other comic book properties from Image, Dark Horse, Boom and elsewhere, are being picked up for adaptations now.

There have been several high-profile adaptations of lesser-known and critically acclaimed comics that have rocked the big screen and shocked the world.

However, there are some that are yet to make it to the big screen and it is about time they had their chance in cinemas. In certain cases it is not through lack of trying, most have been in developmental limbo. In some cases, though, their brilliance has just not been discovered yet.

These are just some of an almost never-ending list of lesser-known comics that NEED to be movies.

We would love to know your thoughts on the list, if you had heard of the comics, what you think of a movie adaptation, and who did we miss, only picking ten was a difficult choice as there are so many who deserve the movie treatment.


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