10 Little Known Superhero Teams That Could Make DC Millions

They might not be the Justice League, but they could be just as big...

Batman And The Outsiders
DC Comics

The DC Universe is a vast and limitless place home to literally hundreds of superheroes, supervillains and super-teams. The most famous grouping of all is the Justice League of America, which is usually comprised of seven members but has also included pretty much every DC hero ever at one point or another.

The point is that they're the best team going, but they aren't DC's only distinguished super-group. Teams that are far older and that have featured in some tremendous comics over the years are still widely unknown to the masses, and though the League are fine and dandy, one gets the sense that DC are limiting themselves when it comes to showcasing their more obscure super-groups - at least until recently.

Doom Patrol is currently making waves on the DC Universe streaming platform, and it exemplifies what DC (and Warner Bros.) stand to gain by mining their more obscure superhero teams.

Marvel illustrated the perfect path to success with Guardians of the Galaxy - a group pretty much no one had heard of until 2014 - and with the Birds of Prey on the horizon, it seems as though the House of Ideas' Burbank rival have finally alerted to the potential of their lesser known properties. Here's who they should look at to keep that streak going...

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