10 Little Known Superheroes That Would Make Marvel Millions

1. The Runaways

Runaways Marvel
Marvel Comics

Everything about the Runaways sounds like "Cha-Ching!". They are a group of teenagers whose parents meet once a year for a charity event. The teens spy on their parents and discover that they are actually a super-powered criminal organisation called The Pride. Not supporting their parents' lifestyle, the youth acquire some of their parents resources, discover their own powers, and form The Runaways.

Their origin story is a three act film in itself. The Runaways buck many comic book trends. They start off with superhero code names but quickly abandon them (a great potential dialogue scene that could rival the Thor's hammer scene in Age of Ultron). There are also more females than males in the group. They also never refer to themselves as The Runaways. They are simply teenagers from Los Angeles who want to keep any evil-doers from taking the place of their parents.

The members of The Runaways have just enough typical teen angst to keep them interesting and, well, not like the Avengers. Kiara is a lesbian who is in a relationship with the shape-shifting Xavin. Alex Wilder struggles with his loyalties and turns against the team at one point. It would be very surprising if we didn't see a big budget Runaways within the next seven years.

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