10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About '90s Superman Cartoon

10. Who Nearly Played Superman?

Columbia Pictures

To hardcore DC fans, Mark Hamill IS The Joker. Kevin Conroy IS Batman. For many, Tim Daly, who plays the title character in Superman: TAS, is seen as the definitive voice of the iconic superhero. Daly's portrayal was very influential since he chose to play Superman and Clark Kent with the same voice. Rather than playing Kent as a bumbling geek, Daly portrayed the character as diligent and confident. Daly has received glowing reviews from fans and his portrayal is often seen as the template on how to voice Superman.

Things could have turned out differently since the role nearly went to Adam Baldwin. Baldwin has starred in Fullmetal Jacket and Independence Day but is best-known as Jayne Cobb in the tv series, Firefly. He got the chance to voice Supes in the 2007 animated film, Superman: Doomsday, and the 2011 video game, DC Comics Online.

The role of Superman also nearly went to Clancy Brown. The casting director thought Brown's voice would work better for a villain and cast him as Lex Luthor. When Brown was told he won the role of Superman's nemesis, he said, "Am I EVER going to play a good guy?"


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