10 Most Powerful Avengers Ever

Which Avenger is actually Earth's Mightiest Hero?

Marvel Studios

The Avengers have long been cited as Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but given the scope of the organization's roster over the years, it's not fair to say that every member is on the same level in terms of power. While they are all amazing superheroes, there are some who are far more powerful than most.

That being said, the roster for the Avengers has grown so much since the organization was created back in 1963's The Avengers #1, that it could be said nearly every superhero (and some supervillains) have been card-carrying members of the team at one time or another.

Giants like Thor, Iron Man, and... well, Giant Man have all called themselves members over the years, but who is the most powerful of them all?

Determining that means diving through the whole roster, and while not every superhero to have joined the Avengers has stuck around for long - in some case they may have even joined different groups altogether - they're still Avengers all the same.

To that end, some of these figures - no matter how brief their tenure with Earth's Mightiest Heroes - have used their immense power to make a startling impact on the group. Here are the most powerful of all...


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