10 Perfect Comic Book Castings That Need To Happen (But Probably Won’t)

The perfect choice for James Gunn's Batman is staring us in the face.

Comic Book Movie Castings
Paramount/DC Comics

Casting is no easy feat, and that is especially evident when it comes to adapting comic book characters for the big screen. Just because an actor resembles their chosen fan cast or rumoured counterpart merely scratches the surface of what it takes to accurately portray the character both effectively and efficiently.

The character's physicality and psychology are conjoined in crafting the perfect portrayal. Without that coalition, the resulting performance may not resonate. There have been a fair few duds here and there, but on the whole, they've been pretty damn good for the most part.

With the power of social media, there has never been a better time to campaign for your favoured actor to play your favourite heroes and villains. But sometimes, those castings can be considered too good to be true for a multitude of reasons ranging from availability, competition and of course whether said actor is even interested in the role.

The following 10 performers would encapsulate the requirements needed to embody different characters from comic book lore. Just remember, as good as they sound, don’t get your hopes up… well, maybe do a little, as there's no harm in that, right?

10. Robert Downey Jr. – Lex Luthor

Comic Book Movie Castings
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As 2022 neared its close, the world was shocked to see the debut of a bald Robert Downey Jr. Okay, maybe not shocked per se, but the fan-favourite actor sure raised a few eyebrows with his new look that will feature within HBO’s The Sympathiser, which sees the 58-year-old play multiple roles.

Downey Jr. is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s most recognisable assets due to his signature style and panache, so the decision to shave his head instead of wearing a bald cap came as a curveball.

However, one can’t help but see a likeness to a certain Lex Luthor, and with DC set to undergo a major clear-out and reshuffle of its current roster, LexCorp requires a new CEO to steady the ship for the foreseeable. Downey Jr., with his MCU experience, is a more than capable actor to do so.

Superman’s supreme foe and ultimate nemesis, Luthor is arrogant, brilliant and absolutely terrifying, which makes the character a fascinating prospect to tackle. Although his MCU commitments have concluded, it remains to be seen whether Downey Jr. would be willing to jump ship and work for his previous employer's greatest rival.

But - and it is a big but - with Guardians of the Galaxy mastermind James Gunn having already done so and spearheading a new era for DC, let's see if the former Marvel mainstay will follow suit.

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