10 Scenes We Definitely Won't See In Tom Hardy's Venom

9. Venom Eats Brains

Marvel Comics

When Venom made his comic book debut in the late 1980s, he was an out-and-out villain. A brutal, brain-eating one, in fact.

The character made numerous references to chowing down on the contents of his prey's cranium and was actually depicted doing it in Venom: The Hunger #1 by Len Kaminski, Ted Halsted and Scott Koblish.

Apparently, the symbiote at one point needed a chemical found in human brains to survive, but this particular characteristic made it challenging to reinvent Venom as an anti-hero fans were willing to root for in the '90s.

For this reason alone, expect the Tom Hardy movie to steer clear of cannibalism, which rarely goes down well in mainstream cinema at the best of times.

That isn't to say Eddie Brock won't do terrible things in the film. The challenge the movie faces is playing an emotional tug of war with the audience while keeping them on side, and brain devouring will no doubt upset that delicate balance.

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