10 Secrets Of The Batcave Explained

Breaking down the backstory of the Batcave's most fascinating artefacts.

DC Comics

When people think of Batman and his world, one of the things that first springs to mind is his swanky Batcave.

Initially conceived as merely a hidden tunnel that went from Wayne Manor to a battered old barn where the Batmobile was stored, the Batcave has gone on to become a huge piece of Bat-lore and a huge working environment filled with so many wonderful toys.

Anyone with even a passing interest in Batman is well aware of the advanced technology computer systems at Batman's fingertips in his underground lair. And likewise, it's no secret that his Batmobile and so many other vehicles are all safely kept in the Batcave.

What we're looking to explore here though, are the slightly more random pieces of treasure that can be found lurking under the confines of Wayne Manor.

Calling Batman a hoarder would likely be an understatement, for the World's Greatest Detective has a ludicrous amount of gadgets, keepsakes, trophies, and timely reminders all stored in the Batcave.

Some may be fun, some may be morbid, and some may be heartwarming - but regardless, they're all pieces of Batcave treasure.


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