10 Star Wars Comics Moments That Shocked The World

1. The Amidalans - Darth Vader (2020)

Marvel Comics

Padmé Amidala is one of the most beloved characters in all of Star Wars, and one of the cooler things to see with the new expanded canon is the way in which it's integrated her legacy - and indeed the rest of the prequels - into the Original Trilogy, sometimes to shocking results.

Greg Pak and Raffaele Ienco's Darth Vader series from 2020 offers a great example of the EU's comprehensive approach to the saga. Set after Empire, it follows Darth Vader as he attempts to unearth the conspiracy of how the birth of his children was kept secret all these years. In the process he comes across Sabé, one of Padmé's handmaidens and body doubles, who still resides on Naboo.

This moment was shocking primarily because Vader mistakes Sabé for his deceased wife. For at least a second, readers contemplated the thought that Padmé might've been alive - even if said thought was quickly tossed to the side after applying even a tiny bit of scrutiny.

It turns out that Sabé had founded a resistance group called The Amidalans, whose one goal was to bring Padmé's killer to justice. They don't achieve said goal, despite coming to the conclusion that Lord Vader was responsible, but this was still one of the greatest reveals from Marvel's Star Wars books.


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