10 Upcoming DC Movies And The Comics They'll Adapt

We are finally going to get a Flashpoint movie!

DC Comics/Warner Bros.

After the critical and commercial failings of Batman V. Superman and Justice League, Warner Bros. and DC Comics were forced to reevaluate their announced slate of upcoming movies. Gone was Zack Snyder and his creative influence, and in its stead came the more vibrant and bombastic styles of various directors.

Aquaman and Shazam were noticeably different in tone from their DCU predecessors, but the biggest shift from the earlier DCU works was in these films’ inspirations. Now while lots of people didn’t enjoy the DCU movies made by Zack Snyder, the director does deserve praise for wanting to create original films that didn’t rely heavily on the source material for inspiration.

But, at the end of the day, as comic book readers and collectors, what we want to see on the big screen, are adaptations of the stories and events that made us fall in love with comics, not just references or cameos hinting to these storylines.

And as we saw with Aquaman and Shazam, two movies that relied heavily on their New 52 titles for inspiration, is seems that Warner Bros. and DC and going to be relying more on their comics for their upcoming films than ever before.

So here are the comic books that DC’s 10 upcoming movies are going to be looking to for inspiration.

10. Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot
Warner Bros.

Comics: Kingdom Come by Mark Waid & Alex Ross, New 52 Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang & Tony Akins, New 52 Justice League by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, & Jason Fabok, DC Rebirth Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka, Liam Sharp, Nicola Scott, James Robinson, Steve Orlando, & G. Willow Wilson

Ok, credit where credit is due: Patty Jenkins and Allan Heiberg’s Wonder Woman is a great example of a superhero movie, that takes only the basic ideas of the characters and turns it into a solid movie, and it would be incredible if that success could be repeated. But with the addition of DC giant Geoff Johns to the writing team, its next to impossible for Wonder Woman 1984 to not take inspiration from some of Wonder Woman’s more memorable comics.

Right off the bat, we know Wonder Woman 1984 is taking some of its cues from Mark Waid’s and Alex Ross’s seminal work, Kingdom Come. That beautiful golden armor, complete with the glorious wings and eagle shaped helmet, is ripped straight out the gorgeously painted pages of the final battle from Kingdom Come. What’s not so obvious however, are what other comics Wonder Woman 1984 is pulling from.

Considering both Aquaman and Shazam relied heavily on their New 52 titles from 2011, titles that were meant to attract new readers and introduce them to these storied characters, more likely than not Patty and Geoff will pull ideas from the New 52 Wonder Woman series.

With possible nods towards the New 52 Justice League series written by Geoff Johns himself, and perhaps even the DC Rebirth Wonder Woman series, which saw the introduction of Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman design to comics, and contains a great introduction to the character of Barbara Ann Minerva aka Cheetah, Wonder Woman’s most iconic villain.


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