10 Worst Things The Joker Has Ever Done To Harley Quinn

7. He Tortured Her For Being Too Independant

DC Comics

Aside from changing character's origin stories, the New 52 also completely shook up DC's status quo. A big change it made early on was that the Joker was seemingly killed off for a while. Without her Puddin, a distraught Harley Quinn was drafted into the Suicide Squad.

As part of the Squad, Harley (ironically) found a new reason to live. She grew close to her teammates and even got intimate with Deadshot. It gave her the independence to finally begin moving away from her old life.

Unfortunately, if there's one constant of the DC Universe, it's that the Joker always survives. He eventually returned and came to collect Harley for his latest scheme to destroy Batman. However, he didn't like how Harley was now thinking for herself and decided she needed a "refresher course".

After threatening to kill her teammates, Joker convinced Harley to come with him. He then put her through a brutal regime of torture, beating and cutting her, hanging her half to death with a chain and even setting Harley's now rabid hyenas on her.

When all of this failed, Joker dragged her into a cellar and chained her to a wall. He then showed her the rest of the dungeon which was filled with the corpses of his "other Harley's", all wearing the same outfit as her.

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