10 X-Men Characters Who Look Nothing Like The Movies

It took two movies to get the Juggernaut right, but some characters were never perfected on-screen.

Fox/Marvel Comics

When it finally came time for the X-Men to make the transition from comics to the silver screen, the costume designers had decades-worth of material to work with. Not only were there hundreds of mutants in the X-Men universe, but they also had vibrant costumes, which were unique to each character.

Seeing Wolverine in his classic yellow and blue costume, or Rogue in her green spandex was going to be legendary, but then reality set in and someone pointed out how that might not look realistic in live action. New costumes were designed, and many characters got a complete overhaul.

For the most part, this was done very well, and it would be hard to point to a character like Professor Charles Xavier and know who he was instantly. Still, while Xavier, Mystique, and many others were copied well enough to make their comic book look transfer to live-action, not every character was as lucky.

Some were completely altered in their appearance ranging from the clothes they wore to the prosthetics and makeup used to give them their appearance. Again, these weren't terrible examples of costuming or makeup, but if you were to ask any die-hard X-Men fans about any of these ten characters, they would likely point out all the ways they don't look like their comic book counterparts.

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