15 Perfect Superhero Casting Choices Wasted On Terrible Comic Book Movies

15. Viola Davis As Amanda Waller - Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Amanda Waller
Warner Bros. Pictures

Just when the DCEU needed a critical hit, Suicide Squad came around and provided the exact opposite.

The film was dreadful, failing to live up to the promise of its trailers and squandering what was obviously a brilliant premise. Compounding its flaws further was the fact that it had made several inspired casting decisions, with the decision to put Viola Davis in the role of Amanda Waller one of the film's best.

Up until 2016, Amanda Waller had been portrayed almost exclusively by CCH Pounder in various cartoons and animated films. Barely anyone had taken on the character, and while that means there's not much to compare Davis' performance to, it was still as if Task Force X's handler had leaped off the page and into real-life.

In the comics, Amanda Waller was a cold, calculating figure who would stop at nothing to safeguard the nation's security. That same ruthless streak is at the forefront of Davis' portrayal, and though it remains unclear as to whether or not she'll return for James Gunn's sequel/reboot, it would be a serious waste if she doesn't.

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