6 Times Gotham Improved Batman's Mythology (And 4 Times It Failed)

For better or for worse, Gotham certainly had an impact on the legend of Batman.

Gotham Season 5 Batman

One of the biggest genre shows to come to a close during 2019 was FOX’s Gotham. After five seasons, it was time for Gotham to hang up its proverbial cape ‘n’ cowl and call it a day.

What had initially started as a series centred on Jim Gordon being transferred to a Gotham City Police Department that was rife with corruption, the show became that and so much more over its five-year run.

Featuring a who’s who of Batman comics, Gotham gave audiences a glimpse at skewed versions of so many familiar characters – some great, some not so great. But regardless of what it got right and what it got wrong, Gotham was completely and utterly its own world in every way possible.

Taken as a snapshot of an alternate Batman world, Gotham worked on a multitude of levels and ticked a slew of the right boxes. Was it flawless? Of course not. But taken on its own merits, Gotham was well worth the five-year investment audiences gave it.

Here, it’s time to reflect back on Gotham and take a look at ways in which it improved – and failed to improve – on the larger, grander mythology of the iconic Caped Crusader.

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