7 Great Batman Characters Yet To Appear In A Movie

7. Julia Pennyworth

DC Comics

A fairly recent addition to the Batman mythos - first debuting in 2014 - Julia Pennyworth might raise a question in your mind that you may not have considered before: does Alfred Pennyworth have a family?

Of course he does - he's effectively Batman's dad and the only person who can get away with demanding he go to bed and have a decent home-cooked meal. But what about when it comes to blood? Yes, he has that kind of family, too. Shame it's at the expense of his daughter, Julia. Understandably, this has resulted in a strained relationship between the pair.

Estranged from her father, Julia Pennyworth's resentment of him is understandable. After all, he chose to be the servant of a billionaire family rather than be there for her. Naturally, this resentment is reignited when Julia meets Batman after he uses his medical skills to save her from death. Initially she wasn't privy to his true identity, but after discovering the Batcave she came around to her father's career choices. A trained soldier, Julia found herself in a position where she was able to aid Batman, and became an ally soon enough.

Who Should Play Her: Of course, whoever it may be, she doesn't have to be British, just capable of a good British accent, so that widens the field. Julia's portrayal would benefit from someone who can do intimacy well, though, someone who's proven she can handle family dysfunction. Vicky McClure is ideal.

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