7 Most Important Things We Still Haven't Seen In The X-Men Movies

The apocalypse may be coming for the X-Men, but there are plenty of other things we want to see from Marvel's mutants.

X-Men is now the longest running comic-book movie series in the world, which is especially impressive considering the fact it€™s never been rebooted or covered old ground like the Batman, Spider-Man or Superman franchises. Instead there's been a steady stream of stories loosely adapted from the source material, such as X2€™s variation on God Loves, Man Kills and Brett Ratner€™s semi-digested Dark Phoenix saga. With mixed results, obviously. Recent rumour has it that Bryan Singer is already gearing up to direct a seventh X-Men film in Montreal in 2017. At this stage it€™s not known exactly what form this latest film will take; It could be Singer€™s next X-Men film as is reported, but since it€™s early days it could just as easily be the long-suggested New Mutants film or a different spin-off entirely, like X-Force. Whichever way things go, we€™re certainly going to be getting a lot more mutants for our money over the coming years, what with Deadpool, a third Wolverine solo film and any number of possible spin-offs in the pipeline. With that in mind, it€™s time we start thinking about some of the places, people and events that haven€™t made it into the X-Men films so far but really should be included.

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