8 F***ed Up Wolverine Moments Which Need To Be In His R-Rated Movie

8. Murdering His Children

Wolverine has been alive for a very long time, and safe sex clearly isn't something which has played on his mind. When a group of people who had been wronged by Logan in some way came together to take revenge, they went about tracking down every mutant child he'd ever sired and turned them into weapons who were then pitted against an unknowing Wolverine. Naturally, he didn't hesitate in slashing them all to bloody pieces. When it was revealed by the group's leader that the hero had just slaughtered his own kids, Wolverine completely lost it and retreated to the wilderness where he threw himself off cliffs in a big to punish himself. This sort of messed up and dark material is obviously much better suited to an R-Rated movie than it is a PG-13 summer blockbuster and could be used as a last minute shocking twist or as a way of kicking the movie off.

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