8 Terrifying Horror Comics That Should Be Made Into Movies

Do you like scary movies? Well here's a few comics that will make you scream.

dynamite comics

Comic book adaptations have long been a feature of the film industry, with John English's Adventures of Captain Marvel hitting theatres in 1941. Following the recent gargantuan success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the last decade, comic book adaptations have rapidly moved up the pecking order, and directly to the forefront on the industry.

What many casual watchers may not realise is that comic books are not a monopoly; the industry is not exclusive to Marvel and DC, or even to just superheroes.

Robert Kirkman's long-running series, The Walking Dead, transitioned to the small screen in 2010 and has become one of the longest-running dramas still on the air. Multi-award winning crime thriller Road to Perdition stars numerous giants of the film industry, including Tom Hanks, Jude Law and Paul Newman. Goofy action-comedy Scott Pilgrim vs. the World began life as a six-volume series of graphic novels. The list is endless.

Many comic books and graphic novels of a multitude of genres have successfully made the leap from page to screen. Today, we will be looking at works that have all of the right characteristics to make this very jump. Unique concepts, terrifying monsters, enthralling characters, body-butchery and messed-up minds: what's not to love about that?


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