9 Comic Book Characters That Deserve A Shot At Movie Redemption

The second chance saloon.

Warner Bros.

Bringing a beloved comic book character to the big screen is a potential minefield.

Nail it and a dedicated fanbase will hail you as deity for eternity - no matter how many Interstellars you make - but drop the ball and an unforgiving lynch mob will set up permanent residence on your doorstep.

Filmmakers don’t always get it right first time and it’s disappointing when that means an iconic hero or villain disappears into the cinematic wilderness, waiting for the time when another Hollywood creative is willing to take a punt on a tarnished brand.

For every Dark Knight there’s a Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance lurking in the shadows, but one botched outing should never spell the end for a comic book property on celluloid… unless we’re talking about Howard the Duck.

If Warner Bros had lost faith in Batman after the Joel Schumacher years, we’d never have experienced Christopher Nolan’s fan-pleasing trilogy, and Captain America: Civil War wouldn’t have been the same without Spider-Man’s homecoming.

So it's clearly worth taking second chances...


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