Avengers: Endgame - 13 Things It Actually Took From The Comics

13. Thanos Gets His Sunrise

Avengers Endgame Thanos Armour
Marvel Studios

Infinity War's devastating conclusion may have played out much the same way it did in the comics (except with much more dust), but that didn't make the moment any less shocking. The unthinkable may have happened in the comics, but for it to happen in the concluding act during a near-three hour film was - at the time - unthinkable.

Likewise, seeing the Mad Titan get his happy ending, staring out at the sunrise knowing he'd accomplished his mission, was particularly gut wrenching. But it's how it played out in the comics, right down to the detail of Thanos hanging his armour up like a scarecrow.

Endgame picks up with the Mad Titan basking in his destruction, living a simple life, and the image of his armour displayed in the sun like a monument to his genocide was lifted straight from the original Infinity Gauntlet.

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