Avengers: Infinity War - 10 Worst Things Thanos Ever Did In The Comics

7. Killed Gamora

Thanos Kills
Marvel Comics

Thanos is not Gamora’s biological father (the fact she is green should explain that) but the Titan saved her after her species were wiped out by the Badoon. From then on, she became his adopted daughter.

Somewhat inevitably, Marvel chose not to go down the route of giving her a happy upbringing, bonding with her father and generally having a fulfilling life. Instead, they went down a significantly darker path.

Thanos did fulfil his fatherly duties by giving her special powers - which most normal people might be delighted with - but, in doing so, he turned her into his own weapon. Fit for use by himself only.

Just as she has in the MCU, Gamora eventually turned against him. Thanos’ plans to destroy the universe as a gift to Lady Death were badly received and the greenest Guardian of the Galaxy reacted by trying to kill him. Unfortunately for her, she failed with Thanos killing her instead.


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