Avengers: Infinity War - 8 Biggest Reveals From The Tie-In Comic

What've Cap's Avengers really been up to?

Bucky Deprogramming Infinity War Comic
Marvel Comics

Marvel's MCU tie-in comics usually release to an unceremonious reception, but with hype for Avengers: Infinity War at an all time high, and with fans equally desperate to learn everything they can before its release, the most recent comic has been granted a rather unprecedented level of importance.

Billed as a direct prelude to the Russo Brothers' latest Marvel offering, Marvel's latest tie-in comic has largely lived up to that name, clueing in fans on some rather important deets ahead of Infinity War's April release. It's more than just a glorified companion piece however, and while others will view the comic's links to the current canon with suspicion, Will Corona Pilgrim and Tigh Walker's tie-in is a very enjoyable read replete with the kind of teases that are bound to get fans talking over the coming weeks.

It hasn’t spilt all the beans quite yet, but it has lent credence to some of the speculation surrounding Infinity War’s story, including Steve Rogers’ conflicted ideology, the status of several Avengers and just what, exactly, Bucky is doing in Wakanda.

It’s been over a year since Civil War changed the MCU forever, but seeing its fallout might be the most interesting thing about it…

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