Comic Con 2019: 10 Biggest Rumours

Is Marvel about to take the convention by storm?

Marvel/Comic Con International

Just like that, SDCC 2019 is right around the corner. Each year geeks far and wide descend upon the west coast to engage with an explosion of pop culture, with pretty much every entertainment medium represented within the halls of San Diego's premier comics event.

And naturally, with the amount of stuff that goes on at Comic Con, there are a whole lot of rumours doing the rounds before the doors even open. Whether it's a film about to be announced or a comic Marvel and DC don't want you to know about, chances are it's been mentioned in a rumour or leak. Factor in how speculation goes into overdrive before SDCC, and it's understandable as to why the amount of rumours going around online increase exponentially.

Sometimes it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction, but SDCC 2019 seems tamer than most years. DC Film won't be there for starters, and while Marvel seem poised to give audiences their first glimpse of MCU Phase Four, things are still being kept heavily under wraps.

This goes double for Marvel and DC comics, with both publishers keeping their future plans guarded behind lock and key. Still, there's plenty to digest, so here are the juiciest rumours heading into this year's convention...

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